Kerak Emas Sdn Bhd (KESB) is an importer and an exclusive sole distributor for Alisklamp product to cover market population in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philipina and Papua New Guinea.

KESB is incorporated in Malaysia as Health care services provider company with trading in the health care products. It is registered with Ministry of Finance and Activeklamp product is already registered with ‘Malaysia Device Bureau’ of Ministry of Health in order to services the Malaysian consumer.

It is the only circumcision clamp device that specially design to fit the natural anatomical shape of glans penis with the following features:

• Third generation of disposable circumcision clamp device
• Advanced technology for perfect male circumcision
• ‘CE Marking’ certification
• “ISO EN 13485:2003” production certification
• Patented design and available globally

Activeklamp offer the best solution of circiumcision technique and easily available for infants, babies, childrens and adults male. Invented by Dr Verdat Ali Conoglu, an Urologist Specialist from Turki.

* Safe circumcision
* Quick circumcision
* Hygienic circumcision
* Aesthetic circumcision
* Perfect circumcision

More information on the treatment can be obtain from the following website: